Behaviours, iyo Soomaalida, dabeecadaha
Behaviours needed at workplaces.

Probably at our works we have all heard many times that “no one is unique”, though it is more likely to hear it more often in big companies where people are still considered as “positions”.

However it is not the technology, the resources or the process that makes a business great, it is the people behind that great solution.

And while some might think that “irreplaceable” is a very strong declaration, I think everyone would agree that there are some people who make themselves very difficult to replace.

These are the Fifteen behaviours that separate the “most irreplaceable person” from the rest colleagues.

  • They have excellent communication skills

They know how to communicate easily about an issue without going in rounds and long clarifications. They admire the time of others and practice active communication. Irreplaceable staffs and will handle a client’s request or complaint in one email, predicting the situation and other sub-questions the customer might have.  While in the inbox of the easy to replace employee, you will find dozens of conversations for the same issue.

  • They do more than what you have asked

Most people cannot deliver or meet the minimal requirements only to check the job on their to-do list. Here is a simple example. The manager asks ‘We need a new branded tables for our operation’. The easily throwaway worker would send a link from the first seller he ran into. The almost exceptional one would say ‘I found five results for our new tables and the inexpensive one is this but the best price and quality is this one.’

  • They are step ahead of the rest

All managers like when they get yeses to questions like ‘Did you finish that work?’, ‘Did you include the requirement?’ and followed by some encouraging actions.

  • They are trustworthy, accountable and reliable.

When a manager is out of workplace and turns to his unique person in the room to leave their big duties in safe hands. The irreplaceable workforces are not afraid to take on big tasks since they believe in their ability to deliver and they are loyal.

  • They have excellent listening and observing skills

They actively listen and do not ask the same question twice. They know how to recognise significant elements that has been communicated, note it and act upon it. They create value by getting ahead of a situation and do what is required.

  • They have good and positive energy

Positivity feeds positive minds and people. They are sociable, outgoing and positive, even in thorough tense hours.

  • They come up with solutions

Great teams come up with new better solutions. They make recommendations and inquire and are eager to help others. You won’t hear the bad workers say ‘I think that if we change the way we target our audience we can lose costumers’.

  • They can easily adapt changes and new environments

They can easily adapt to changes and new environments. These excellent employees are just riding the waves of changes and they don’t resist it and know that there is a good reason for it.

  • They love their workplace and job

They come to work because they want to; not because they have to. It is very unlikely to see that there is a matchless employee who doesn’t love their jobs.

  • They are self-motivated and inspire others

They don’t necessitate for consideration and motivation. They know what they need to do and why. If they have an issue with inspiration and enthusiasm, they find their own source. And what is good is that they know how to motivate their workmates.

  • They hate to be micromanaged

They can see the big picture of all the things that need to be done without specific thorough management. All managers like to have people who pay attention to the smallest detail and take care of things without being told to.

  • They solve problem and they are not complainers

They do not come with problems but they bring their projected solutions to consult on more actions. They are driven by the principal and they like to solve the urgent problems in a way they believe was the best at that moment.

  • They are fast-learners and fast-thinkers

They have deep understanding about a workplace, products, processes, customers and cultures as well as values. When something new comes, they can easily process and apply new familiarity and put it into effect.

  • They are well-organized and competent

When an easily replaceable worker gets the task done in 2 hours, the irreplaceable can get it done in one hour.  They are good organizers and capable of their time and they can coordinate with others.

Aragtidaada ka dhiibo